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Name: Ashlee
Location: Pa


Sway us, tell us something interesting about you:
I'm a cheerleader for my school.

Tell us a childhood story:
I had a really bad sickness and I was in the hospital for a couple weeks..and still to this day I get affected by cronic headaches.

Give us a joke:
When the blonde found out she was pregnant hat did she say?
(are yu sure it'smine?) -not too too funny..and don't be affectedby the blonde joke..I'm blonde also!

[Favorites x5]

1) Mean Girls <3
2) A walk to remember
3) Freaky Friday
4) The Hot chick
5)Save the Last Dance

Music Artists:
1) Lindsay Lohan
2) Britney Spears
3) Usher
4) Dashboard Confessionals
5) Ashlee Simpson

1) LaLa
2) My Perogative
3) Rumors
4) Solider
5) Bad Habit

1) Gossip Girls
2) Sloppy Firts
3) Chicken Soup books
4) Second Helpings
5) Love and other 4letter words

Make-up line:
2) Cover Girl
3) Almay
4) Merle Norman
5) Milanni

1) Abercrombie and Fitch
2) Hollister
3) Aeropostale
4) American Eagle
5) Gap

[The Burn Book]
+Here is where you pick 10 known people and talk badly about them.
1) Avril Lavigne- Can yu get alittle more angry? I think this girl has serious issues... Have yu seen her without makeup? ewww..it'slike someone took a chisel to her face. Gross!
2) Paris Hilton- umm are yu in love with your dog..? I'm a little confused .. I see her more with her dog then with a man. Dogs are cute and all, but Paris.. come on now..yur filthy rich and yu can't een get a decent guy.
3) Anna Nicole Smith- Trim Spa, Baby! .....Ummm, Puke it up, fatty! Don't be ashamed....it happens to everyone..
4) Michael Jackson- I don't think he quite resembles a woman yet.. I think if he keeps going..he won't have to get in trouble playing with little boys...they will only charge him for rape...(they'll mistake him for a woman)
5) Demi Moore- Nice Pick! Hot Ashton Kutcher...only one problem..he' like 25....Im sorry, 85 is just way too old.
6) Nora Jones- Most annoying singer in the world...I think she sounds like she's choking and can't breathe when she sings...Give it up..yur terrible!
7) Clay Aiken- what the hell are people thinkning... actually letting that man make acareer out of singing,... I honeslty don't getit..terrible is too nice of a wordto describe him.. american idol-what the hell were these people thinking..? He's not even close.
8) Haylie Duff- isn't the little sister suppostto follow the bigone? She is lowering herself in front of the the entire world...Oh yeah...nice beak...her nose is actually HUGE!!!
9) Osbournes- Gross! Who actually wants to live in that enviroment..Trashy! Like, Ozzy, yur so drugged up yu can't even speak right!...
10) Geaorge Bush- way tof*ck up the country....Like, who ares if yur father went to war... he sucked too..yurnot proving nythign except for why people didn't vote for yu to begin with....


Tell us why you want to be in this community:
Because I wanto to see if im mean enough to be a in the mean girl community..I love the movie, and I love Lindsay Lohan.. I think I would make a good addition to this community because I know how to be direct without going overboard. It's seems really fun!

Tell us how you will attribute well to this community:
I will stick up for all the mean girls.. Any bashers willbe bashed right back..I believe I willbe a postive addition tothis community. I willbe acticeand comemup with great ideas.

Tell us why you’re mean girl material:
because I'm a bitch,and I don't dcare what people think. That is my strongest quality. I always look hott, and I always have my way.

[How do you feel about?]

Abortion: no
Alcohol: I think it's pointless,but it's always nice to have a little fun and get crazy
Drugs: I wouldn't take it that far
Gay marriage: whatever floats yur boat.,.yu can't help who yu love
Pre-marital sex: yes
The death penalty: yes
Eating disorders: if yur fat


Promotion to 2 lj-communities:

Promotion to 2 lj-users:

Where you heard about us:
On someone else's Livejournal-

I'm sorry,.,, I don't have a scanner... Please don't let this ruin my shot at being in this community..I'm very dedicated to everything I do..and this community definatley needs a little livening up..I can do that.
What I can do is tell yu a little bit about myself..
I have blue eyes, blonde hair(a littlepast the shoulders), tan, I'm a cheerleader..I love to dance. High maintence..well kept.
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